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For all levels of fitness enthusiasts, this training method is ground based, fun, challenging and effective. The movements or positions typical of some animals are used (and this is his originality), for improving balance, joint strength, muscular strength and musculoskeletal body awareness. Everything without any kind of fitness equipment.

The training consists essentially of a structured series of animal-style movements linked to a river. We move from one position to another in a very natural and fluid way, seemingly effortless and with precise imitation of animal movements (cat leaps, frog jumps, shrimp steps, primate or alligator gaits, and much more).

The benefits of this type of exercise vary:

  • Improvement of conscious movement
  • Increased muscle endurance and strength
  • Increased body flexibility and mobility
  • Improvement of coordination
  • Maintenance a healthy weight
  • Increasing energy

However, to achieve this, some endurance is required. You should train at least a few times a week.

Good to know :

1 training/day